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   Editorial Article

Palestinian Medical Journal (PMJ) in the Past and Today

Every body has the right to cherish the novelty of work he/she embarks on. However, this feeling might double when we discover that somebody who is related to us did start this work long time ago.  

 Really, I was greatly surprised, and in the meantime, very happy when I came to know that our grandfathers published the first Palestinian Medical Journal under the name of The Journal of the Palestinian Arab Medical Association in 1945 and 1946.

I was also very impressed when I came to know that our journal was world wide as a photocopy of the journal was brought by Dr. Ahmad Kandeel from the main library of Poland. I came to know from the Dean of Al-Quds Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Hani Abdeen, that the Medical Association in the Northern Governorates started similar ventures 12 years ago.  Really, this issue let me ask myself and also my colleagues:" Where are we now from the achievements of our grandfathers?"," What have we been doing in the last sixty years to confirm our Palestinian identity in the same way our forefathers did.


HRD and the Board Committee of PMJ initiated the idea of this journal, so I do encourage all of my colleagues to do their best to present themselves as Palestinian doctors; they can achieve this through their active contribution to this Palestinian Medical Journal, thus making it word wide. It is hoped that such emphasis would promote continuous medical education, research, and health services in our country. It is our responsibility to regain our glory by following the footsteps of our ancestors.


Editorial Manager
Dr. Fawzy Khalil Sharaf




  وزارة الصحة - مركز المعلومات - قسم النشر الالكتروني - 2005