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103 - في خدمتكم على مدار 24 ساعة

Egyptian medical delegation concludes its visit to Gaza after completing more than 30 surgical operations

The Egyptian medical delegation concluded its two-week visit to the Gaza Strip during which 30 surgical operations were performed, and examined hundreds of injuries resulted by the Israeli occupation forces during the Great March of Return.

Consultant ophthalmologist head of the Egyptian medical delegation, Dr. Mahmoud Fathy, Before the delegation’s departure from the Gaza Strip said that one of the reasons for the visit was to exchange experiences and to enhance joint communication, including the possibility of continuing the training courses for doctors in the Gaza. The medical delegation included 6 doctors, three of them are an orthopedist, and two of them are an anesthesiologist.

The medical team conducted 10 ophthalmological operations and 20 orthopedic operations in partnership with the local medical staff.

Consultant ophthalmologist at Gaza European Hospital Dr. Mohammed Abu Mazkour briefed the delegation on the shortcomings of medicines and medical consumables for surgical operations.