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MoH– Gaza lack of immunosuppressive drugs puts kidney transplantation patients on the verge of rejection

By |أكتوبر 15th, 2018|english, latest news, Main Title, reports|

Director General of Pharmacy at the Ministry of Health- Gaza Dr. Mounir El Borsh said: that Kidney transplant patients are at risk of losing their lives due to the absence of immunosuppressive drugs, these medications are used in several cases, including kidney transplantation, liver, and cornea.

He added, not taking immunosuppressive  affects the work of the kidney properly, especially after the first year from the procedure. The success of the surgery depends on taking medication properly and that could deprive patients of long-awaited kidneys and bring them back to the nightmare of dialysis all over again.

Dr. Al-Barsheh added all the efforts exerted by the Ministry of Health in this field as to recruit delegations, training medical crew, and performing many kidney transplants procedures are threatened to go in vain.