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MoH- Gaza conducts (203) open heart surgeries during 2019

By |يونيو 29th, 2020|english, Main Title, reports|

According to the Palestinian Health Information Center (PHIC) at the Ministry of Health- Gaza, approximately 203 open heart surgery performed at the European Gaza Hospitals and Al-Shifa Medical Complex, since the beginning of 2019.

Dr. Nassar attributed the high success rates of cardiac surgery to the high skills of the local medical staff, which has been acquired from the specialized international medical delegations expertise. He pointed to the modern existing equipment, stationed at the European Gaza Hospital, which was provided with generous support from the Qatar Red Crescent “QRCS”.

Since dozens of cases need open-heart operations face rejection and political challenges by the Israeli occupation, in addition to procrastination in the issuance of medical referrals. In this context, MOH worked on settling the surgical services in the Gaza Strip and maintain its continuity and development; in the light of the Israeli occupation continuous siege for more than 13 years.