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MOH-Gaza, Deterioration of the Pharmacological situation in Gaza

By |يونيو 29th, 2020|english, Main Title, reports|

Director-General of the General Administration of Pharmacy of MOH Dr. Munir Al- Bursh said that he is highly concerned with the deteriorating Pharmacological situation in Gaza. He pointed to the acceleration of the shortage of essential drugs, which exceeded 42% in addition to 30% of the shortage of medical consumables, and 56% of laboratory reagents and blood bank supplies.
Dr. Al Bursh added: “Health sector in Gaza is suffering from a chronic shortage of medications needed for hematology patients, especially hemophilia patients, in addition to the lack of various types of therapeutic infant formula, which is not currently available in the Gaza Strip, and this shortage has further worsened the health situation in Gaza significantly”.
Dr. Al- Bursh noted that Gaza’s portion of the total medical assistant should have been 47 million USD from Ramalla MOH. The actual amount received is limited to 2.25 Million USD representing 5% of the annual requirement”.
MOH in Gaza appeals to pressurize the occupation authorities to end the suffocating siege that has been affecting all humanitarian aspects of 2 million Gazans for more than 13 years which is coincident with the current corona crises in the Palestinian territories.