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Psychological support program for victims of the Great Return of March (GRM) in the Gaza Ministry of Health

The Palestinian Ministry of  Health (MOH) in Gaza has taken a further step in the psychological support program for victims of the Great Return March through community outreach. This program was signed to the NGOs active in the mental health field.

Ministry of  Health represented by General Administration of Mental Health, communicated directly with the United Nations Children’s Fund “UNICEF” to provide institutions list  for psychological support programs, and the ability to absorb the beneficiaries each according to their geographic location. General Administration of Mental Health begun coordination with relevant NGOs institutions to provide psychological service to GRM victims in accordance with MOH-Gaza.

It’s worth mentioning that sub-committees underlying from the  Superior Committee for the GRM victims follow-up have been organized in the hospitals to evaluate the victims of the mental health program.

According to the statistics of the Superior Committee, 400 wounded have been evaluated to date. The results of these evaluations showed that 172 of the victims needed psychological support.