In the interest of the MOH on the psychological and physical health of school-age children, the Department of School Health provides medical care annually to students in public schools from the first up-tell tenth grade to cover all primary, preparatory and secondary school students.

Director of the Department Dr. Kamil Sayama explained that the medical care consists of a physical examination, including oral and dental care, detecting many dental problems in children and transfer them to receive treatment in specialized clinics and to inform parents to take necessary action.
Examination of Hearing and vision among students, which may be a reason for learning disabilities at school. The Department contributes significantly to the detection of diseases or health problems in the child may not be visible such as congenital defects and poor vision and hormonal imbalance and others. The department also deals with the psychological problems that may be observed in children such as depression and hyperactivity and lack of attention and are transferred to the relevant authorities when needed. The work of the department also includes giving tetanus vaccinations for first and ninth grade students in addition to polio vaccination for first-grade students through the school environment care program through which the department provides a healthy study environment for students by ensuring food safety in school canteens, drinking water and ventilation Good for study rooms.