General-Directorate of International Cooperation In MOH Gaza, Dr. Abdul-Latif Al-Hajj conducted an evaluation meeting for a French medical delegation teams performance , the team concluded its mission in Gaza Strip hospitals, and funded by the Palestine Children Relief Fund(PCRF).

In this context, Al-Hajj said: the ministry is seeking to cooperate with its partners to bring medical delegations that could contribute to conducting a large part of the high-quality operations, in addition to help in  evaluating the local team experiences while training them.

The French delegation visited  Shifa Medical Complex, Al-Aqsa Hospital, UAE Red Crescent Hospital, and examined 40 cases from Nasser Medical Complex, in addition to performing 16 surgical interventions in Gaza European Hospital.

The French delegation members praised the performance of vascular surgeons in Gaza Strip hospitals ,as well as the professional level of nursing and the cadres’ desire to receive training, especially in the optimal use of dialysis machines and arterial grafts .

It is worth mentioning, that this is the third visit to the delegation to Gaza where they performed arterial-vein fustulas to 37 patients with kidney failure, 20 from Nasser Complex and 17 from Al-Najjar Hospital.