A German delegation headed by Dr. Nazih Abu Dayyeh, the surgeon of the spine and “Palestinian nationality”, left the European Gaza Hospital after performing several surgeries in the spine.

Dr. Nidal Abu Hadrous, a consultant and head of the neurosurgery department in the European hospital, said that Dr. Abu Deyah had seen and diagnosed 53 cases in the outpatient clinic since his visit to the hospital last week, which lasted for five consecutive days.

He pointed out that most of the cases cases of herniated inter-vertebral disc, kyphosis and sccoliosis, pointing to follow-up also for cases that have had surgery in previous visits.

Dr. Abu Hadros said: “After the evaluation of the cases there were (6 ) complex cases that needed urgent surgery, in addition to (8) cases of treatment of back pain by injection. He explained that because of the lack of a neuromonitoring device in the Gaza Strip necessary to perform severe cases, 21 cases were screened for transfer to St. Joseph Hospital in Jerusalem.Dr. Abu Hadros said that Dr. Abu Dayyeh had visited Hamad Hospital for Rehabilitation and Prosthetics last Wednesday to see a back orthosis that helps reduce the curvature of the spine was not previously available in the Gaza Strip.

The device is called cheneau brace, 13 cases were eligible to use it . He pointed out that the cases that had undergone the surgery had noticeably improved after the surgery and no complications were recorded, most of them left the hospital at the end of the delegation’s visit.

Dr. Abu Hadros classified these operations as highly skilled, performed by the participation of resident doctors in neurosurgery as part of their training program, stressing on the importance of such visits in the context of continued flow of information and medical expertise to local health staff in the Gaza Strip who live under the Israeli siege Suffocating and preventing local health professionals from traveling abroad.