A Jordanian-British medical delegation starts major operations in Gaza

A Jordanian-British medical delegation starts major operations in Gaza

The Jordanian-British medical delegation has started its mission in Palestine-Gaza, which involved performing major surgeries in the besieged Gaza strip. This visit came as a result of the  Ministry’s efforts in coordination with the Palestine Children Relief fund ” PCRF” to facilitate the its entrance to Gaza.

The delegation featured of nine doctors  from various medical specialties including senior consultant of Urology Dr. Walid Massoud, senior consultant of kidney diseases Dr. Saleh Abu Rumah, Dr. Al-Khateeb senior consultant of anesthesia, pediatric surgeons, spinal surgeons, neurology, ophthalmology, gynecology, and obstetrics.

Dr. Al-Khateeb said the visit focused on providing health care services for the patients;  running some medical examinations, in addition, to performing major surgeries in European-Gaza hospital and Naser Medical complex, and Al-Shifa Medical complex.

Dr. Massoud added that the delegation mission involves training the local medical team to be able to conduct these operations themselves in the coming stages.

Dr. Abdul Latif Al-Hajj, General Director of the hospitals in MOH-Gaza, commended on  PCRF efforts for its continuous support to the Palestinian health sector and patients by polarizing medical delegations. “We are in a dire need for more better-qualified physicians, to overcome the hardships caused by the Israeli siege” he added. “As well as depriving Gaza Strip patients of medicine and quality medical services by all available means”.