A press release issued by the Palestinian Ministry of Health – Gaza 15/5/2019

With the 71st anniversary of the Nakba of Palestine, coinciding with the Great March of Return and Breaking the Siege events witnessed by the Gaza Strip, and with the anticipation of the repeated Israeli attacks on our people in border areas of the occupied Palestinian territories in 1948. Ministry of Health staff at its facilities and the trauma stabilization points are ready and prepared to contribute in save lives of the participants, reduce the risks and complications of injuries that are deliberately caused by the Israeli army.

Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza Calling upon the international community to commit the occupation and its army to the international treaties and conventions to protect civilians, It affirms that It would make every effort to provide emergency services to our people.

1-All greetings and tribulations to our Palestinian people who remain steadfast  in the face of an occupier who knows only the language of murder and terrorism. Our national and moral duty towards our people drives us to be always at the highest levels of readiness and preparedness in the health facilities, ambulance units, and emergency systems in the Gaza Strip.

2-The Emergency Operations Command and the Higher Central Emergency Committees closely and constantly followed developments in the field, and remained on alert to monitor the work of the health system and rapidly respond, to provide health care to our people around the clock.

3-The dedicated medical staff made supreme efforts to provide health services, especially for emergency cases and to save lives with the scarce resources available.

4-We deplore endangering the lives of  health workers. We call upon the concerned authorities to provide the necessary protection for emergency crews and health institutions, and we confirm the continued provision of health services to our people, despite the attacks on medical personnel and health facilities, which resulted in the death of 3 paramedics, injuring 680 others, and 118 ambulances were damaged.