Al-Dalis praises MOH efforts’ confronting COVID-19 in Gaza Strip

Head of government administration Essam Al-Dalis and the deputy of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Yousef Abu Al-Rish, visited this morning, Tuesday, the European Gaza Hospital, which is designated for treating critical cases of Covid-19, to pursue the health situation during the third Covid wave.

During the tour, Al-Dulais visited the most vital departments that provide health care to Covid-19 patients, such as the laboratory, the emergency department, admission departments, ICU, and the oxygen station.

Mr. Al-Dalis praised MOH efforts’ to implement the international health protocols and align them with developments of the epidemiological situation in Gaza.

The most important achievement of the Ministry of Health, according to Al-Dulais, is the continuation of providing health care to non-Covid-19 patients on a continuous and regular basis.

At the end of the tour, Mr. Al-Dalis called the citizens to follow safety and health prevention measures, the most important of which is to vaccinate for obtaining herd immunity to overcome the pandemic.