Al-Shifa medical complex surgery hospital launches the seventh Conference of Surgery in Palestine.

The surgery hospital at Shifa Medical Complex launched on Friday the activities of the seventh surgery conference in Palestine, which is entitled “Surgery with Limited Resources”.

The conference took place in the presence of the Deputy of the Ministry of Health Dr Yousef Abu al-Rish, director of the surgery hospital at Al- Shifa complex and chairman of the conference Dr Nidal Abu Hadrous, president of the Association of Palestinian Surgeons Dr Sobhi Skik, With wide participation of former ministers of Health, deans of medical faculties, director’s general of the ministry, representatives of international and local partner institutions, and medical delegations from Palestine, Turkey, Norway, and Korea.

In his opening speech, Dr Abu al-Rish said that holding the conference events is a qualitative and great occasion to crown the efforts achieved by our surgeons in various specialities, in addition to the work and effort exerted by the Ministry of Health to reach high levels of achievement.

Dr Abu al-Rish pointed to the great effort in medical training programs, as 150 doctors on a scholarship in medical specialities abroad, in addition to 650 doctors enrolled in various Palestinian board programs, and to enhance work during the past two years by employing 1200 medical personnel.

In turn, Dr Abu Hadrous said: “Last year witnessed 60,000 operations in the Ministry of Health at the rate of 5000 operations per month, 40% of which are major surgeries in various specialities.

Dr Abu Hadrous explained that the laparoscopic operations in the complex have become one of the usual operations, which are used in endoscopic ENT, thoracic, orthopaedic, and neurosurgery operations, in addition to the techniques of using the surgical microscope in vascular operations, the open heart, the face and jaws, the restoration of facial fractures, and the transplantation of organs such as the cochlea, cornea, kidneys, and joints replacement, leading to the localization of the service.

Dr Abu Hadrous spoke about the strengthening of surgical specialities with several consultants, and the regular movement of medical delegations, as the complex hosts five delegations per month, which has raised the service level and training, as there are seven surgical specialities accredited within the Palestinian board programs.