Al-Shifa Open heart team performs complex operations with Prof. Dr. Asaad Haniyeh

The Department of Open Heart Surgery at Al-Shifa Medical Complex continues to perform complex operations with the participation of open-heart surgery consultant, Prof. Dr. Asaad Haniyeh, and the local team headed by Dr. Saher Abou Ghaly is a consultant and head of the Cardiac Surgery Department at Al-Shifa Complex.

Dr. Abu Ghali said ” patients who had complicated health problems and could not leave for various reasons related to their health condition and the difficulty of getting permits to leave the enclave, are the target of this visit, where we, in participation with the dr. Haniyeh performed six open heart surgeries until now”.

“Dr. Haniyeh’s participation in the open-heart surgery program as a part of the Qatar Red Crescent program is greatly appreciated, where his contribution alleviates the suffering of patients in the Gaza Strip, dr. Abu Ghali added.

In the same context, Dr. Haniyeh expressed his delight with the local team’s participation, pointing out that the open-heart operations program in Al-Shifa Complex, implemented through the Qatar Red Crescent, will contribute to enhancing the services provided to patients in Gaza.