With a tired and fearful face, Fatima 57 years old female, received the news of the completion of chemotherapy for cancer patients.  After a long journey of investigation, Fatima was diagnosed to have cancer and four chemotherapy doses were prescribed to her. she was able to receive only one dose, the remaining three doses are not available now hundreds of cancer patients are also deprived of their treatment.  Like any other patients in the world, cancer patients in Palestine should receive treatment.

“I hope they would send our treatment, I really wish if I can finish my course  ” Fatima was crying while saying these words, calling on all the concerned institutions to help.

Oncology head of the department in El- Rantisi hospital Dr. Khaled assured that the hospital had announced the completion of chemotherapy, as 80% of these medications are not available, and therefore 700 patients cannot have their treatment.

 Noting that the hospital suffers from depletion of chemotherapy from 3 to 6 months.