Continuous Medical Education is an essential pillar in developing medical capabilities and raising the efficiency of doctors, nurses, and all health personnel working in primary health care centers. In an interview held with Dr. Fawaz Abu Ziyadah, Director of Rafah’s primary health care center and Chairman of the Scientific Committee said that the continuous education program comes within the policy of the Ministry of Health aimed at improving services provided to citizens and raising the level of efficiency of its cadres to enhance the health system in the General Administration of Primary Health Care. He explained that the program follows modern scientific methods.
The center has held several training courses of emergency medicine like; essential life support, hemorrhage control in emergencies and managing war casualties, “We always strive to hold more general and comprehensive courses, as training has become one of the basics contemporary management tools, and it is a necessity for the development of the training process.”
He stressed that the application of the training program for doctors working in primary health care centers by allowing them to obtain a postgraduate diploma in family medicine without being restricted to a certain age, with the intention of rehabilitation of a primary health care doctor. Noting that this program was approved and recognized by the Ministry of Health in partnership with a Palestinian university in the Gaza Strip.
He said that the committee is planning to hold scientific days with a variety of axes that simulate the needs of workers in this field every month. He also called on donor institutions to support training programs in the facilities of the Ministry of Health, specifically the Continuous education program in primary health care, including bringing in medical delegations to refine the expertise of local cadres.