Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Update in Gaza Strip, April 18, 2020
1. There are 13 confirmed cases with coronavirus; 9 cases have recovered and 4 are still receiving treatment. Most patients are Asymptomatic and there are no critical cases.
2. MOH hosted 3593 returnees in 27 quarantine centers since the Middle of March, 55% of the returnees have various diseases and need special care. MOH has ended the mandatory quarantine for 1572 returnees.
3. The period of compulsory quarantine is 21 days, and currently there are 2021 returnees.
4. Among the returnees, 290 of the patients with various diseases were admitted to Al-Sadaqa Turkish Hospital, south of Gaza City.
5. The Ministry of Health calls on all residents of the Gaza Strip to follow the public safety and prevention measures published by the Ministry.
6. The Corona crisis came at a time where the Gaza Strip has been living under a 13-year blockade, and today we are facing coronavirus in the presence of severe shortages of essential medicines and consumables.
7. Today, we appeal to the United Nations and the concerned institutions to urgently provide the health sector in Gaza with these medical consumables, medicines, personal protective equipment PPE, ventilators, and examination kits to diagnose the coronavirus, in order to preserve the lives of the population. We also appeal to pressurize the occupation authorities to end the suffocating siege that affected all humanitarian aspects of 2 million people.
Palestinian Ministry of Health-Gaza
April 18, 2020