*(COVID-19) Updates in Gaza Strip, May 14, 2020.*
💫MOH confirmed 20 cases with COVID19; 14 of them have recovered, the remaining 6 are still under treatment. Most of the patients have been asymptomatic and no critical cases recorded among them.
💫the last 429 samples were recently tested for Covid-19 by MoH central laboratory came back negative.
💫Today, MoH has been receiving Gazans returnees via Rafah crossing point. All those returnees will be subjected to a mandatory quarantine for 21 days.
💫MoH has been providing medical services for more than 1031 returnees in 13 different quarantine centers.
💫MOH has been suffering from a chronic shortage of medicine and medical supplies, in the absence of 44% of essential drugs, 29%medical supplies, and 56% of laboratory reagents.
💫Gaza’s portion of the total medical assistant should be 47 million USD from Ramalla MOH, but the actual amount on the ground was only 1 million USD (5%).
💫Today, we are still appealing to the United Nations, and the bodies of concern to urgently provide the health sector in Gaza with medical consumables, medicines, personal protective equipment PPE, ventilators, and examination kits to diagnose COVID19, to preserve the lives of the population. We also appeal to pressurize the occupation authorities to end the suffocating siege that has been affecting all humanitarian aspects of 2 million Gazans for more than 13 years.
Palestinian Ministry of Health-Gaza
May 14, 2020