Daily report on Coronavirus Covid-19
Ministry of Health – Gaza Strip
The Ministry of Health continues its efforts to strengthen the precautionary measures to counter the new Coronavirus Covid 19, as follows:
1. The Ministry of Health continued to examine returnees to the Gaza Strip, 144 tests of suspected cases where conducted. One hundred forty two were negative, and the results of two of the tests were positive. The two confirmed cases were already in quarantine since they entered Gaza Strip.
2. The two confirmed cases of coronaviruses are isolated in Rafah crossing point hospital, and they are in good health is followed by the specialized medical teams.
3. Medical personnel followed up 1420 cases in different quarantine centers classified according to the date of the returnees’ entry to the country.
4. Medical Personal provided clinical services for 708 cases in the quarantine of the Muscat Center، Qazan Al Najjar, the Muscat Jabalia Center, Al-Amal Hotel of the Palestine Red Crescent Society, the Commodore Hotel and the Blue Beach Resort, in addition to 34 cases in the Rantisi Specialist Hospital and Al Shifa Medical Complex as part of the procedures (Special insulation).
5. The Ministry of Health confirms that its series of measures to counter the emerging coronavirus coincide with its severe shortage in 39% of essential drugs, 23% of medical consumables, 60% of laboratory and blood bank supplies due to the Israeli blockade.
6. The Ministry of Health ended home quarantine of 1341 returnees to the Gaza Strip of whom no symptoms were recorded today. Where the remaining period of the rest of the home quarantine ends next Thursday, March 26, which means the completion of home quarantine for 1367 returnee.
7. The Ministry of Health decided to discontinue work in outpatient clinics, non-urgent surgeries, and prevent visits to inpatients in hospitals until further notice.
Therefore, we appeal to the United Nations to lift the illegal and inhuman blockade on Gaza Strip quickly to meet the urgent needs of the respiratory and intensive care systems Medicines and medical consumables, preventive and infection control supplies to face the nCOV-19.
We urge citizens of Gaza Strip to adhere to the instructions of prevention and infection control, in addition to the personal social safety.
Ministry of Health recommends older people, children, patients of the respiratory system disease, and people with weak immunity to avoid public places and crowded gatherings and communicate with the toll-free number 103 of the Ministry of Health for health inquiries around the clock.

Palestinian Ministry of Health
March 24, 2020