The daily press release about Covid-19 virus outbreak
Ministry of Health (MOH) – Gaza Strip

The Ministry of Health follows up all measures to confront the new coronavirus – Covid-19 at all health, government and community levels in the Gaza Strip, as follows:
1. The Ministry has intensified the lab test for those who returned to the Gaza Strip. The central laboratory conducted 151 lab tests for suspected cases since the beginning of March. 149 of which were found negative and two were found positive and were announced earlier this week and both belong to two persons returned to the Gaza Strip from Pakistan; their health status is stable and they are staying in a quarantine center in Gaza. No new cases have been reported in the Gaza Strip so far.
2. Medical staff provided health care to 1568 hosted returnees in 22 quarantine centers, of whom 870 are under health follow. 34 cases were transferred to specialized departments in hospitals within Special isolation procedures.
3. The Ministry ended the quarantine of 1503 returnees, no symptoms were recorded. Health monitoring is underway for 1205 who are still quarantining this weekend, which means completing an important stage in confronting the Coronavirus.
4. The Ministry confirms that its series of measures to counter the coronavirus coincide with its severe shortage in essential drugs, medical consumables, laboratory, and blood bank supplies due to the Israeli blockade. The Israeli occupation is practicing systematic apartheid against our people putting the lives of 2 million people confronting the coronavirus in the Gaza Strip on the line.
5. Therefore, we appeal to the United Nations bodies and relief foundations to channel urgent support for the Strip and to provide it with ventilators, intensive care systems, medicines, medical consumables, laboratory supplies, Covid-19 testing materials, preventive and hygiene supplies and anything needed to face the COV-19.
6. We urge citizens of the Gaza Strip to adhere to the instructions of prevention and infection control, in addition to the personal social safety.

Ministry of Health (MOH) – the Gaza Strip
March 25, 2020