Dr. Abdel Khalileh participating with the local staff to conduct two kidney transplants at Al-Shifa Medical Complex

The surgical cadres in Al-Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza City, with the participation of the Palestinian doctor from the occupied interior, Dr. Abdul Khalileh, concluded successfully performing two kidney transplants for two patients from the Gaza Strip.

During a meeting with the head of the artificial kidney department at Al-Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza, Dr. Abdullah Al-Qishawy said: the surgical teams in both the Urology Department and the Vascular Department participated effectively, along with Doctor Dr. Abdul Khalileh in conducting the operations, pointing out that the kidneys that were transplanted to the two patients are working effectively so far.

Dr. Al-Qishawy explained that the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, since the kidney transplant project in 2013, has worked to localize the project by developing the capabilities of the medical staff, as well as bringing in the necessary medical equipment to localize the service.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ghazi Al-Yazji consultant and head of the Department of Kidney Diseases and Transplantation at Al-Shifa Medical Complex, added that the local medical staff is now able to perform kidney removal operations from the donor, using the surgical laparoscopic technique, as the technique relieves the associated pain as well as the period of hospitalization.

Dr. Al-Yazji praised the participation of Dr. Abdel-Khalileh in conducting the operations and pointed out that this allows for adding more expertise to the local medical staff.

In turn, the consultant and head of the kidney transplantation department at Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem, Dr. Abd Khalayleh, commended the local caders’ performance, describing the surgical staff at the Al-Shifa Medical Complex as being high-level professionals.

Dr. . Khalileh continued by saying, “I see that there are surgical cadres here in the Gaza Strip who have achieved the localization of kidney transplantation services in the Strip.”

Dr. Khalileh noted that he will repeat his visit to the Gaza Strip, to build the basic base and to localize this national program as kidney transplantation services in the Strip are entrenched.

One of the donors, a citizen called Amal Abed, expressed her great happiness at the end of her daughter suffering, Aya, who suffers from kidney failure and spends most of her time in dialysis sessions, hoping that her daughter will practice her normal life, noting that the availability of kidney transplantation services in the Gaza Strip relieves citizens of the burden and suffering of traveling abroad to perform such operations.