Dr. Abu Al-Reesh receives the new and the former head of the ICRC’s sub-delegation in Gaza

The Deputy Ministry of Health Dr. Youssef Abu Al-Reesh received in his office the new head of the ICRC’s sub-delegation in Gaza, Ms. Maryam Lea Muller, and the former head of the mission, Mr. Ignacio Cacer, as well as the committee’s deputy health coordinator, Ms. Monica Gegax.
Dr. Abu Al-Reesh briefed the new sub-delegation representative in Gaza on the current developments and the efforts made by MoH to compact the Covid 19 pandemic in the Gaza Strip.
Dr. Al-Reesh also presented the efforts made by MoH to provide health services to Covid 19 patients in parallel with non-Covid patients, whether in daily clinical care departments or the ICU.
As for the medical staff, they were supported with medical supplies, training, and especially medical oxygen, by adding new stations to meet the up growing needs.
Dr. Abu Al-Rish praised the urgent and vital interventions carried out by the ICRC. These interventions were only an extension of cooperation, and joint work, as a result of this collaboration, several programs were implemented which contributed to enhancing the health services provided to Gaza citizens.
Dr. Abu Reesh commended the former head of the sub-delegation in Gaza Mr. Ignacio Caceres, at the end of his duties in Gaza, wishing the new head of the sub-delegation to thrive with the beginning of her duties.
Dr. Abu Al-Rish presented honoring certification to Mr. Ignacio Caceres in recognition of his efforts during his tenure as head of the mission in the Gaza Strip.