Dr. Abu Al-Reesh visits the municipality’s artificial limbs reconstruction center

A delegation from MOH headed by Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Yousef Abu al-Rish visited the Gaza municipality’s artificial limbs reconstruction center, the ministerial delegation was received by the Mayor of Gaza, Dr. Yahya Al-Sarraj, Dr. Mohamed Douma, director of the center, and the medical staff at the center, in the presence of Mrs. Diana Stocklin, deputy director of the ICRC delegation in Gaza.
Dr. Abu Al-Rish appreciated the center’s efforts in addressing
Gazans needs, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, considering that the center provides a new life for the injured, not just an artificial limb, praising the center’s long history.
Dr. El-Sarraj commended the visit, which shows the estimated support from the Ministry of Health and continuous follow-up.

The director of the center, Dr. Mohamed Douaima briefed on the center’s center-provided services and the most important statistics and indicators during the last period.