Dr. Abu Al-Reish demonstrates the Ministry’s efforts facing the COVID-19 pandemic

Dr. Abu Al-Reish demonstrating the Ministry’s efforts facing the COVID-19 pandemic

Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Youssef Abu Al-Reish met today, Wednesday, with a delegation from Médecins Sans Frontières, Belgium MSF represented by Mrs. Helen Otens Patterson.

Dr. Abu Al-Reish briefed MSF Belgium delegation on the Ministry’s efforts on facing the COVID-19 pandemic despite the limited capabilities in Gaza: “We are working according to an emergency plan, taking into account the weak possibilities, equipment, and human resources available”.

“The procedures and policies that are taken to deal with the current emergency conditions in Gaza, as the health state is already worn out by the 14-year blockade. Which placed enormous strain on Gaza’s already under-resourced and over-burdened health care system.

Gaza health facilities are facing a critical shortage of essential medicines and supplies”, He added.

Mrs. Helen expressed MSF Belgium’s readiness to provide the necessary support to the Ministry, enabling it to provide an appropriate health service.

Mrs. Helen invited Dr. Youssef Abu Al-Rish to an extended meeting with the experts’ health team through video conferencing technology to exchange experiences with the American University of Beirut and the epidemiology team in the Lebanese Ministry of Health.