Deputy Ministry of Health Dr. Yousef Abul-Rish received dr. Khaled Abdel-Hadi, Supervisor of the Cochlear Implant Program in the Gaza Strip from the Qatary deligation.
They discussed the development of the cochlear implantation program for children. Consequently, the total number of children who benefited from the cochlear implant program have reached a total of 180 cases.

Abul-Rish commended on this program saying, “the cochlear implant program added a qualitative health service to the people in Gaza, where we are talking about an integrating complimentary program that includes conducting surgical operations and postoperative interventions, in addition to training local staff, to rely totally on the Palestinian surgeons in Gaza to perform the cochlear implants”.

He valued the State of Qatar for their generous support to the various vital sectors in Gaza, especially the health sector, which witnessed a number of projects in infrastructure, construction, equipment, training and development programs for the Palestinian medical staff.