Dr. Abu Al-Rish meets with the Ministry of Health delegation from the northern governorates

Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Youssef Abu Al-Rish met with a delegation from the Ministry of Health officials’ in the northern governorates, to discuss preventive measures taken against the new virus COVID-19 outbreak.
The delegation was represented by Dr. Kamal Al-Shakhra, Director- General of Primary Health Care, Dr. Nizar Masalmeh, Director- General of Administrative Affairs, Dr. Fathi Abu Wardeh, Advisor of the Minister of Health, Aied Al-Wahidi, and Talib Hawash, an official of the Quarantine Center in Jericho Governorate.

Dr. Abu Al-Rish explained that the measures taken by the Ministry of Health in Gaza, are approved by the World Health Organization, and their recommendations to deal with the global developments of the virus.
Dr. Kamal Al-Shakhra, on the other hand, stressed on the direct instructions from the Minister of Health, Dr. Mai Kailah, that all equipment in the West Bank and Gaza Strip shall be in high degree of readiness to immediately provide Gaza with all the necessary preparations, whether the laboratory materials or even implementing training programs for health personnel in the Strip.