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Dr. Abu Al-Rish: We identified the tested positive cases with the Covid-19 and the contact trace in the south and middle of the Gaza Strip

By |سبتمبر 12th, 2020|english, latest news, Main Title|

Deputy Minister of Health, Dr. Youssef Abu Al-Rish held an information meeting with the slogan “Your carelessness will kill your loved ones” to present the Ministry of Health efforts’ in the Gaza Strip.
Dr. Abu Al-Rish announced that the preventive medicine team was able to identify tested positive cases with the Covid-19 and the contact trace in the south and middle of the Gaza Strip.

During the meeting, Abu Al-Rish said that the ministry is dealing with the crisis according to four stages. The first phase was preparation, raising preparedness, and delaying the pandemic spread in Gaza Strip. The second phase was a strict intervention to diagnose reality.
The third phase, which we are going through it right now, is dealing with the pandemic, which is a stage that ranges between mitigation and intensification of closure, according to the epidemiological situation of the region.

The fourth phase would be through preparation for coexistence, recovery, and exit from the crisis.
Part of the plan was to dedicate European Gaza Hospital to isolating the infected cases, in addition to the presence of qualified and well- trained staff to deal with the patients.

Delaying the spread of the epidemic in the Gaza Strip for more than seven months, increased the amount of information available about the virus and opened the way for more international aid and the World Health Organization.
As the Ministry of Health in Gaza, today is more than ready to deal with the pandemic, benefiting from previous experiences around the world.
Dr. Abu Rish also praised the efforts of non-governmental health institutions and UNARWA in activating mobile clinics.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Abu Al-Rish stressed the necessity to pressurize the occupation authorities to end the suffocating siege on the Gaza Strip.