Dr.Abu Salmiya receives a delegation from MSF- France, to inspect the health situation in the Gaza Strip

The Director General of Al-Shifa Medical Complex, Dr. Muhammad Abu Salamiyeh, received in his office today, Thursday, a delegation from Doctors Without Borders France, MSF- France,  where the delegation was informed on the developments of the health situation in the Gaza Strip, coinciding with the continuance Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip for the third day in a row.

Abu Salmiya also conveyed a full explanation of the overall health situation, indicating the efforts made by the medical staff to the sick and the wounded at the same time.

Abu Silmeya illustrated that the health sector is going through a crisis regarding the lack of the necessary capabilities and medical supplies.

Abu Silmya added that the occupation did just impose inhumane restrictions on the movement of patients and the wounded referred for treatment abroad but also prevented the entry of diagnostic medical devices, which impacted the health sector dramatically.