Dr. Al-Hajj discusses patients’ referral protocol to reduce pressure on emergency departments with the Emergency Committee

Assistant Undersecretary in the Ministry of Health for the services sector Dr. Abdul Latif Al-Hajj discussed the development of the referral system, intending to reduce pressure on the emergency departments in the hospitals of the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Al-Hajj praised the health personnel efforts in the emergency departments, where they worked in various circumstances, whether during the successive attacks on the Strip or during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr. Al-Hajj emphasized the importance of integration between emergency departments in managing the emergency file and developing a referral system to relieve pressure on emergency departments in hospitals, to reach the satisfaction of citizens and receive service at its maximum.

As pointed out by Dr. Al-Hajj stressed the importance of developing the role of primary care centers in emergency services and heading to find emergency centers in the governorates in the Primary Care Department. The Ministry of Health is working on the model of the Nusseirat Emergency Center, where this week will witness a visit to the Center and arrange its operating mechanisms.