Dr. Dhair: The late medical intervention caused the latest deaths of Covid 19

Dr. Magdy Dahir, Deputy Director-General of Primary Health Care at the Ministry of Health, clarified why deaths in recent days come bake to several reasons.
Number of the covid confirmed cases do not seek medical care at the proper time,
Dr. Dahir said that some of the recently recorded cases showed very severe symptoms, reaching hospitals in a critical condition, and therefore medical treatment did not offer better results, which was the reason for the loss of their lives.
One of the reasons that prevent patients from reporting is the “stigma” that people fear because when they get infected with COVID-19.

The disease is widely spread, and everyone is exposed to such infection. There is no need to worry or feel shame, Dr. Dahir added,
the lack of awareness for the public and the recklessness of the seriousness of symptoms confuses it with seasonal flu that will disappear without medication and treatment intervention.

The saying that only older people are affected with COVID-19 is not accurate, as all age groups are vulnerable to infection and may be subject to severe complications and even death, according to Dr. Dhair.

Dr. Dahir stressed all citizens to seek medical intervention as soon as they have coronavirus symptoms since it provides positive results and reduces the death rate.