Dr. Youssef Abu Al-Rish receives the Director-General of the Turkish Red Crescent, Mr. Karam Kinik

The Deputy Ministry of Health, Dr. Youssef Abul-Reesh, received the Director-General of the Turkish Red Crescent, Mr. Karam Kinik, to discuss the latest developments in health services and arrangements of cooperation.

Dr. Abu Al-Rish appreciated the Turkish support for the Palestinian cause, and the generous support for several fields in Gaza, especially the health sector, which was culminated with the Turkish Friendship Hospital.

Dr. Abu al-Rish briefed the delegation on the health situation in Gaza, which has incurred a heavy burden due to the continuous Israeli siege and the strict tightening of the closure on the medical needs of two million citizens in the Strip to reach 45% of shortage. Adding the complicated conditions resulted from the recent Israeli attack on the Gaza strip.

Mr. Kenek spoke about the keenness of the Turkish Red Crescent to implement relief programs for various sectors in Gaza and the health sector as a priority, as we strive to achieve appropriate interventions.