Medical crews in European Gaza Hospital continue to offer their services in cooperation with the American cardiac medical delegation, after examining 25 cases in the EGH.
Dr. Ibrahim Keshta, Cardiac Surgeon, at European Gaza Hospital said that it is expected that 12 open-heart surgeries will be conducted, which will continue for two weeks.
This trip was marked by preforming Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery, which means operating on beating heart, that is, without the need for an artificial heart device. This type of experience acquisition is what is needed for the local team.
The presence of the American surgical delegation specialized in pediatric cardiac surgery comes within the Ministry’s policy aimed at developing the services provided in the field of pediatric cardiac surgery at the European Gaza Hospital in a manner that helps local medical cadres to conduct such operations, and reduces the burden on patients and the difficulties they face while traveling to obtain treatment abroad.