Figures of Mass Casualties of GRM since 30th, March – 17th July, 2018

🚨total number of martyrs is 142, and 16496 with different injuries such as gas inhalation
Of whom (7901 were treated in field trauma stabilization points (FTSP), and 8695 were treated in hospitals(
🚶17 child under the age of 18 years.
🚺Two of them are females

☞3126 child
☞1362 female

Severity of the injuries
▫391 of them are severe
▫3992 considered as moderate
▫12113 minor case.

Injured by
🔸4190 live ammunition
🔸529 steel-coated with rubber
🔸7421 Severe gas suffocation
🔸4356 different injuries

site of injury

🔹613 head and neck
🔹362 chest and back
🔹392 in the abdomen and pelvis
🔹1239 upper limbs
🔹5383 Lower limbs
🔹1087 Other

There have been 68 amputation case
♿60 lower limbs
💪🏻1 upper limbs
✋🏻7 hand fingers

🚨Direct targeting of medical crews led to:
⚰2 martyrs of the medical crews

👨🏼‍⚕325 injuries with live bullets and gas suffocation.

🚑58 ambulances