Fuel and Drug Crisis Threatens The Lives of Dozens of Infants in Special Care Baby Units

Dr. Nasser Bulbul, Head of Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) at Al-Shifa Hospital said that dozens of infants in the (SCBU)  need special care, while 23 infants in intensive care unit weight not more than “a kilo and a half” are in desperate need to stay there to survive.

The power outages means their exposure to the inevitable death, he pointed out that   “a few days” separating infants in the Al- Shifa hospital’s (SCBU) from being exposed to death due to lack of fuel.

While lack of fuel threatens to deprive families who have been waiting for their babies for months or even years.

Dr. Bulbul added that (SCBU) department is living in difficult conditions because of the severe lack of ventilation tubes, compressed oxygen tubes, moreover, there is medicines shortage for neonatal pneumonia and their lives are threatened by potential power outages.