Health Ministry- Gaza appeals for supporting the medical system during Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip

Health Ministry in Gaza appeals for supporting the medical system during Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip

Dear Friends and Partners,

The state of emergency in the Gaza Strip and increasing Israeli attacks have resulted in the killing of hundreds of Palestinian citizens, including children, women, and the elderly, in addition to hundreds of wounded.

Since the beginning of the attacks on May 11, a large number of homes have been destroyed. Twenty-two health facilities suffered partial or complete damage as a result of the continuous Israeli bombardment. The targeting of health care professionals and killing a number of them, has added additional strain to the provision of patient services.

Following the above-mentioned facts, the Ministry of Health is concerned about the humanitarian situation and the health conditions of the population in Gaza. This situation imposes additional pressure on the health system and prevents it from fulfilling its obligations towards citizens, especially during the spread of COVID-19 in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli forces also targeted densely populated residential areas, displacing families to shelters. These overcrowded shelters are now a dangerous environment for the rapid spread of COVID-19, which led to the spreading of the third wave, with an infection rate of 30% of the total samples examined, 133 COVID-19 cases are currently receiving treatment inside hospitals, and there are 101 critical patients in ICU.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip appeals to all friends of human rights and the Palestinian people in the world – whether governments or charitable and humanitarian institutions – to respond urgently, and to take effective and urgent steps to save the health situation. The health sector needs an estimated USD 46.6 million to be able to continue to provide the necessary services by the ministry.

Thank you for your concern and aid.

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Dr. Abdul Latif Hajj
Director-General of International Cooperation at the Ministry of Health
Gaza, Palestine