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In cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross… The Public Relationships and Media Unit holds a training course on international humanitarian law

By |فبراير 7th, 2019|english, latest news, Main Title, reports|

The Public Relations and Media Unit in the Ministry of Health, in partnership with (ICRC), held a training workshop on international humanitarian law, in Gaza city, with the attendance of all public relations and media representatives in the Ministry of Health and health facilities in the Gaza Strip.

Ministry of Health  spokesman Dr. Ashraf Al Qedra in his speech at the training workshop said that Ministry of Health  is committed  to developing the capabilities of public relations and media staff to be able to address the international media in order to be able to promote knowledge and awareness of international humanitarian law among its audience taking into account the obstacles hinders respecting international humanitarian law, most prominently the practices and violations  towards the medical personnel in all its forms.

Al Qedra appreciated ICRC’s response to the training of the public relations and media team via holding training workshop, as well as the ongoing efforts of ICRC medical sector and other sectors in terms of the disastrous humanitarian obstacles.

The workshop included a number of lectures that introduced international laws and the protection of civilians and medical personnel in times of war, as well as ICRC’s efforts to protect civilians and coordinate with various agencies to prevent human rights violations during times of war.