The pharmacist, Muhammad Abu Samra, from the northern Gaza governorate, did not know that tonsillitis and symptoms that seemed like seasonal influenza would lead him to the Indonesian hospital’s intensive care beds after suffering respiratory failure due to the Covid 19 virus.

“At the beginning of the disease, I tried to treat myself through available painkillers, such as paracetamol and antibiotics, but my condition slowly deteriorated,” says pharmacist Muhammad.

Abu Samra explains, “On the fourth day, after his wife returned home from her workplace, he was completely unconscious, so his wife had to take him by ambulance to the Indonesian hospital, where he was urgently transferred to the intensive care unit.”

The pharmacist Abu Samra stayed for 14 days in the intensive care room, where the medical staff at the Indonesian hospital made strenuous efforts with him to save his life, one of which was when the medical team had to endanger their lives by providing patients with manual breathing care, after power cuts.

Corona did not leave the pharmacist Abu Samra even after his health improved, as he could barely walk on his feet in the European Gaza Hospital and was subject to treatment and quarantine so that he could return to everyday life.

Abu Samra also suffers from breathing and talking difficulties. During our conversation with him, he called on the citizens to take the utmost safety and caution measures, indicating that the disease is “much more dangerous than they think.”