An Italian Pediatric Cardiac delegation, which brought in coordination with the Palestinian Ministry of Health and the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, concluded its mission at the European Gaza Hospital in cooperation with the medical teams at the same specialty by preforming 8 cardiac catheterizations.
Head of the pediatric cardiology department at the European Gaza Hospital and consultant Dr. Abd al-Rahim al-Azab, said that these operations came after a series of reviews conducted by doctors in the local department in partnership with the Italian medical delegation. Dr. al-Azab said that the mission, which lasted for a week, varied between cases of closure of the arterial duct and expansion of the pulmonary artery.
He pointed to the importance of such delegations, where they participate in conducting these operations to alleviate the burden of traveling abroad, and contributing to bringing and enhancing medical consumables in hospitals, which are necessary to conduct such operations.