Palestinian children are facing serious complications due to the ongoing shortage of essential medicines and surgical equipment in Gaza, where the deficit amount reached more than 52%.

While talking to Raafat Al-Sitri’s mother about her child’s suffering, her face were overcame with sadness,  Raafat,  who is suffering from renal failure, she said that her greatest ambition is not to see her child suffering from pain every time the medical staff tries to set up the large blood transfusions kit at the child’s, since it does not fit with the little child’s small veins.

The Director-General of Pharmacy in the Palestinian Ministry of Health Dr. Munir al-Bursh drew attention to that the most affected category by the chronic shortage of medicine  is renal failure patients, where they need blood transfusion lines. That’s why the medical team uses adult bloodline kits for children with renal failure as part of an alternative life-saving measure since children’s blood transfusion lines are running out.

Palestinian Ministry of Health appeals to all international institutions and concerned organizations, for urgent and effective action to enable us to overcome this crisis that has gripped the core of basic health services.