Press Release Issued By the Ministry of Health-Gaza

Kidney transplant patients , kidney failure patients are the only people affected by depletion of medication

These patients have suffered for many years and still suffering from a bitter reality. They are lost between the lack of medicine and the unknown fate that threatens their lives and increases their pain.

Today, as we stand here to deliver their appeals, and to embody their suffering in the face of this difficult reality, we point out the following:

1- In Gaza there are currently 800 patients with kidney failure whose lives depend on regular hemodialysis that take place in 5 departments of the industrial kidney in Ministry of Health hospitals, Where the work periods in those departments extend from 3 to 5 periods per day.

2- The number of patients who have undergone kidney transplants is 330 patients, Who were looking forward to get rid of the suffering of hemodialysis sessions. However, these patients are now seriously threatened to get back to hemodialysis due to the absence of an important immunosuppressant drugs such as (Mycophenolate), and  antiviral to  prevent  rejecting the body of the new kidney (Valgancielovir).

3- Chronic kidney patients suffer from the absence of this hormone (erythropoietin) which leads to serious complications due to anemia in those patients, and what is currently available are limited amounts given to dialysis patients.

The absence of these treatments poses a grave threat to patients in Gaza to serious complications, and put them in  high risk of losing their lives due to the shortages of medications.. The Ministry of Health renews its appeal to all health organizations and institutions to immediately intervene and restore hope to them and to strengthen their specialized medical assets before we face a more tragic situation.


Ministry of Health-Gaza

October 23, 2018