Medical delegations from Spain and Portugal specialized in pediatric cardiac surgery and pediatric orthopedic surgery, continue their work after conducting a series of clinical examinations and tests at the European Gaza Hospital, after their arrival on Friday, as a result of the  Ministry’s efforts in coordination with the Palestine Children Relief fund ” PCRF”.

The orthopedic delegation, in partnership with the local medical staff at EGH, will conduct about 18 surgeries, three operations per day. The delegation carried out the examinations for 63 outpatients from all Gaza Strip who had been registered by local medical staff beforehand.

The pediatric cardiac delegation headed by Dr. Viktor Hernandez and the local medical staff at the Cardiac Surgery Center screened 30 patients and will conduct about 10 surgeries, two operations per day.

Dr. Hernandez pointed out that all operations will be performed in partnership with the medical team and local nursing, and patients will be followed in intensive care also by the local staff.

The delegation included anesthetists consultants and technicians, and this is the first time to visit the Gaza Strip, it is expected to continue its operations for a week.