Medical staff at Europe- Gaza Hospital has spared no effort in rescuing the injured in Great March of Return anniversary

Head of emergency department at the EGH Dr. Mohammed Abu Hilal said that the hospital has developed an emergency plan to receive and to handle the casualties of the peaceful participants on land Day, which marks the first anniversary of the launching of Great March of Return.
Dr. Abu Hilal expound that the emergency department received 25 injuries from the eastern areas of Rafah and Khan Younis, most of the injuries were shot with live bullets, and thereby most of the cases needed an immediate surgical intervention; such neurosurgical and Thoracic surgery intervention, as well as the injuries of gas bombs, resulting in a fractures in the skull and loss of the eye.
Head of patients services section at EGH Mr. Raed Abdel Razek reported that 25 patients were admitted to the emergency department on 30 March, 2019, four of them are children under the age of 12 years old, three of them were admitted to the intensive care unit, and eleven were admitted to regular admission departments.

According to Mr. Abdul Razeq, the arrival of seven injuries from live bullets, and one injury of the rubber bullets, and the rest of casualties as a result of the explosion of gas bombs, Six of these patients underwent surgery urgently.