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Ministry of Health-Gaza receives convoy of miles of smiles

By |فبراير 7th, 2019|english, latest news, Main Title, reports|

Dr. Youssef Abu Rish deputy  Minister  of Health, stressed  on the importance of exerting efforts of all concerned parties and institutions to end the aggravation of the electricity shortage crisis, the lack of generators’ fuel in hospitals and primary care centers, explaining that the crisis is complex and does not tolerate emergency interventions .

Pointing out that the ministry is seeking to involve all parties to  participate in strategic solutions that will contribute in a radical way to end the crisis and ensure the reach out of electricity to hospitals and thus the stability of providing health service.

Dr. Abu Reish commended the efforts of the convoy of Miles of Smiles towards the besieged Gaza Strip and their attempts to alleviate the suffering on the Palestinian people through their contributions in various sectors, especially the health sector.

in the same context  Dr. Issam Yousef, head of the convoy of Miles of Smiles, stressed on the continuous efforts to mobilize the necessary support to enable the medical staff to perform their tasks.

He pointed out the importance of supporting our people in the face of the unjust siege, to break and condemn the siege and deprivation applied to 2 million people.