The Ministry of Health briefed representatives of media institutions about its preventive measures taken against the COVID-19 outbreak in Palestine, this came during a field tour organized by the Public Relations and Media Unit of the Ministry of Health in coordination with the government media office, started at the Beit Hanoun crossing point and the Rafah crossing checkpoint.
The head of the governmental committee to confront the Corona epidemic, Dr. Meddat Muheisen stated that the Ministry of Health has begun setting a medical point to conduct the necessary examination on the movement of individuals, delegations, and merchants during their passage of the Beit Hanoun crossing to and from the Gaza Strip by examining their temperature and ensuring their safety.

In addition to the establishment of a quarantine center at the Rafah crossing to host the returnees from the countries in which the outbreak of the new Corona epidemic was announced.
52 rooms were equipped with full hotel facilities and health care under the supervision of a medical staff of the highest degree of efficiency and training.

All returnees underwent thermal image cameras, which have not shown any symptoms. Everyone entered Gaza through the crossing point signed a legal commitment, under pain of prosecution, to a house quarantine for 14 days, which is the incubation period of the disease. Where they are guided to communicate through the toll-free number 103 in case of any change in their health status.
Dr. Dhuheir said that all laboratory tests conducted during the past few days for about 20 people were all negative, which means reaffirming that the Gaza Strip is completely free of the new Corona epidemic.