Ministry of Health in Gaza warns from serious drugs crises

Ministry of Health warned from the worst medication  crisis that ever hit  hospitals and healthcare centers in Gaza, with the rate of deficit in medicines and medical consumables for more than 52%of the essential drug list.

Dr. Medhat  Abbas, General-Director of Al-Shifa Medical Complex, the largest government hospital in the Gaza Strip, said that the hospital lacks many essential medicines, antibiotics, and medicines for patients with hypertension, diabetes and oncology drugs as well as consumables for patients with kidney failure. Dr. Abbas added that most of the drugs are unavailable currently in governmental drug store as well as in private pharmacies.

He noted that the absence of the drugs represents a risk on patients’ lives, such as; therapeutic milk for children with PKU, the absence of  which causes mental retardation for these children, as well as the patients who have had kidney transplants, will get the transplanted kidneys rejected in the absence of the required immunosuppressive .

Dr. Medhat Abaas urged all partners of the health sector  to intervene immediately to save Gaza patients’, not forgetting the fact that Gaza Strip patients haven’t not received their medical apportion since the beginning of this year.