Ministry of Health is looking to enhance telemedicine and primary health care centers

The Assistant Undersecretary for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Medhat Muheisen, met with District Health Managers for Primary Care to discuss ways to enhance telemedicine and the work of primary care centers. Dr. Medhat Muheisen said that the Ministry is working to support the medical staff working in the primary care centers due to the increased number of Covid 19 cases among medical staff being the first responders to confront the disease.

Dr. Muheisen said that they implemented a telemedicine program to avoid physical access of patients reaching primary health care centers. For his part, the Deputy Director-General of Primary Health Care for Public Health Affairs, Dr. Majdi Dahir, said, ” there is an increasing rate of “Covid 19” infections. “About (3000) samples are examined daily, and this means that each (100 infected patient contacted with (5000) person, adding that this high number increases the materials needed for the central laboratory in which PCR is being done. Each patient’s oxygen coverage needs 200 liters per minute, approximately 3500 liters of oxygen per day,” Dr.Dhair added. this is adding further burden on the MOH staff as we suffer Covid19 plus the Gaza blockade at once.