MOH participated in the activities of the National Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, which coincidence with October every year. Director of the maternal and child health department at the Primary Health Care Dr. Sawsan Hammad, Lectured on the importance of intensifying efforts and investing all resources in order to raise the awareness of conducting early tests to detect breast cancer in its early stages, emphasizing on the Ministry of Health keenness to strengthen its partnership with health institutions and women’s community.

Dr. Hammad said during a press conference held at the Press House in Gaza City, every year 300 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in Gaza Strio, these cases represent 18% out of all cancer cases, and 34% of tumors affecting women. Dr. Hammad also explained that the ministry has allocated a full section for early detection of breast cancer supervised by a qualified doctor and radiologist to do the necessary imaging.

The ministry offers this service free of charge, to encourage women above 40 to conduct the examination without hesitation. Dr Hamad suggested ways of prevention and protection from breast cancer, including change of lifestyle as sporting, avoiding fast food, and starting with healthy food ingredients such as vegetables and fruits.