MOH- Gaza, About 197,000 women receive health care in maternity care clinics

04/03/2020|english, reports|

Maternal and Child Health department Director Dr. Nahla Hill stated that the Ministry of Health is striving to develop the services provided for Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health to reduce the risk factors during pregnancy and childbirth, through utilizing modern ultrasound devices and breast cancer examination clinics in different health centers funded by the Qatar Red Crescent(QRCS).

Dr. Hilles, “MOH in Gaza provided primary health care centers with modern devices contributes to reducing morbidity and mortality rate. Reducing the percentage of women attending outpatient clinics and maternity departments in hospitals.

Noting that the total number of visits to maternity clinics during the past year 2019 reached about (197) thousand Visit between pregnancy risk and maternal care after childbirth, home visits, family planning, and pre-pregnancy advice.