A neurosurgical British delegation examined patients with complicated cervical spine and brain tumors along with local health workers in the European Gaza Hospital and selected five complicated patients to operate on that week. Head of neurosurgery at the EGH Dr. Nidal Abu Hdrous said they performed several surgeries, two of them were classified as high skill surgery, since patients suffered from tumors in the pituitary gland. The first case was a girl in her twenties, where a large cyst was found in the pituitary gland compressing the optic nerve.

The other case was a 60-year-old woman who suffered from loss of vision in the right eye and was on the verge of total blindness. Dr. Abu Hudrous said that the two operations were carried out through the nasal endoscopic technique, and her eyesight has been improved.

During the visit, the delegation performed decompression surgery on a man suffering from CHIARI malformation, structural defects in the base of his skull and cerebellum. The visit came as part of the continuous efforts of the joint cooperation between MOH-GAZA with its partners at the local and international levels for the sake of many patients who had been denied an exit permit to receive life saving treatment outside of Gaza.