MoH – Gaza: An unprecedented increase in bronchitis among newborns

Head of the Pediatric department at Al-Nasr Children’s Hospital, Dr. Sherine Abed, confirmed that there is a remarkable and unprecedented increase in the spread of respiratory infections called mild bronchial that affect newborns and even two-year-olds.

Dr. Abed said that that this spread is due to the latest viral mutation, which led to infecting more children and newborns in the third wave more than the first and second waves in Gaza.

She stated that the number of patients who visited ER in Al-Naser Hospital has increased in the last two weeks. Dr. Abed added that the symptoms of Coronavirus infection in children are represented by fever, a cold, sore throat, and some patients suffer from difficulty breathing.

Dr. Abed added: “Despite the severity of the new Covid wave among children, the symptoms are still mild, and the average does not require hospital admission for more than two to three days, but the admission time increases with the children who have a higher degree of risk.”